GFC Photography is the leader in premium photography services for tier-one auto dealers and private owners. The next generation of auto dealers recognizes that quality merchandising photos are key to attracting great customers and closing the time-to-market gap. Our high-quality, consistent photo methods have been recognized as the best in the industry. Our main focus now is on our fast turnaround times and impeccable service.


Standardization & uniformity

Consistent photo service for you.

Consistent, quality photos for your customers.

Auto dealers call on GFC Photography because they know what to expect. Giving car buyers a consistent, nearly identical set of photos that allow side-by-side comparisons online is the best way to keep their attention. We can standardize the look of a single dealership or an entire auto group.

Making it happen

GFC Phototography has the experience and expertise to create staging-area solutions for dealerships of any size.

Our photo-staging-area consulting services, incredible operations team, and diligent photographers wouldn’t dream of letting you down.

The minute our photographers arrive in the morning, they’re prepared. We thoroughly search for all new and pre-owned inventory that is clean and photo-ready. We get our own keys, we fetch our own cars. We photograph every vehicle that is ready to bring to market that day. All images are edited, cropped, and color corrected, and our proprietary process is applied. Once the photos are complete we upload them directly to your current dealer-inventory site. There are no extra logins or passwords. We are highly tech literate and familiar with most DMS providers in the industry.


We’ve narrowed it down to a science.

Having a photo service isn’t just about photographing cars – we can make nice photos in our sleep. It’s about closing the time-to-market gap. It’s about understanding that a vehicle is a depreciating asset and recognizing that every moment a unit is without photos online, it’s costing you money. We have a strict no-vehicle-left-behind policy. We send photo reports twice a week to your key players. Photo reports hold us accountable. They also inform you and push your team to be better.

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