Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 4.1.2

  • August 30, 2013

We are pleased again to announce the release of our latest version, 4.1.2.

This version has addressed some issues discovered in the early version 4.1.1 and it is our hope that this will be the last partial update prior to releasing the next featured update to include our Responsive design.

We hope the updated version 4.1.2 will come without issues and of course if there are any discovered we will immediately work towards resolving those. Please keep in mind we encourage the use of our Support Forums for buyer related questions and reports of issues and bugs discovered.

Just like any update or modification, we strongly recommend you BACKUP YOUR WEBSITE FIRST.

Updating your website is rather simple. Please read “How do I Update” for details.

In this updated version, the following issues have been addressed:

  1. Fixed the background resizer scripts as some environments this was not working.
  2. Fixed the controls on video backgrounds as they were not able to be clicked when used.
  3. Fixed the issue with other portfolio items showing in lightbox when clicked and opened.
  4. Fixed the issue with ordering of the Gallery shortcodes. Default sorting is now drag and drop.
  5. *New: If no orderby is selected, drag and drop order will be used as a default.
  6. *Information: in past versions, we forgot to mention “menu_order” is an orderby option.
  7. Fixed the issue with Portfolios not always displaying the drag and dropped order in lightbox.
  8. Updated the version of “Fullwidth Audio Player” with the latest fixes and plugin release.

In this updated version, the following files have been modified (change log):

  • /style.css
  • /lib/background_video.php
  • /lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /lib/gallery_template_style_js.php
  • /lib/general.php
  • /lib/gallery/gallery_shortcodes.php

Again, if any issues are discovered please register with our Support Forums. If you need help registering for the support forums we encourage you to read “How do I register” which will walk you through the necessary steps.

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