Change Log for KingSize WordPress Version 5.0.6

  • February 6, 2015

Version released: 5.0.6
Date: February 6th, 2015

Update Type: Non-critical Maintenance + Feature Update

Today marks the release of version 5.0.6.

This version update addresses some bugs reported in version 5.0.5 such as the inability to disable the sidebar on blogs, as well some included features such as control over font sizes, support for HTTPS / SSL Certificates and a few others listed out below in further detail.

Updating Versions

IMPORTANT that you remember to BACKUP FIRST before you update!

We cannot be held responsible for any issues. If there are issues, we encourage a backup for safe keep.

That being said, updating your version of KingSize WordPress should be relatively simple and straightforward.

Using an FTP program of your choice (ie., FileZilla it’s free!) log into your hosting environment.

Navigation to your WordPress installation and find “/wp-content/themes/” and inside it “/kingsize/”.

Assuming you’ve downloaded the updated version, you want to open the folder you download and navigate to:

DESKTOP -> KingSize WordPress 5.0.6 -> Template Files -> 1. Version 5.0.6 (NEW)

Inside this folder you will find two folders labeled as “kingsize”. One is zipped, the other is not.

It’s quicker to upload the zipped version but also requires you taking additional steps such as logging into your hosting account control panel, going to File Manager and then locating that zipped folder you’ve uploaded and then extract it to overwrite the existing “/kingsize/” folder. The already extracted folder on your desktop can be uploaded to overwrite the existing folder in your “/themes/” directory but will take longer to overwrite those individual files. The method preferred is up to you.

Once you’ve overwritten that existing “/kingsize/” folder you should now be running the latest version.

To confirm, log into your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes and check the screenshot version.

Note: If you’ve a caching plugin installed, be sure to clear the cache after updating.

Change Log

The following file changes were made in this release:

  • footer.php
  • functions.php
  • header.php
  • page.php
  • sidebar.php
  • single.php
  • single-portfolio.php
  • style.css
  • template-blog.php
  • template-contact.php
  • /admin/functions/functions.php
  • /admin/functions/functions.options.php
  • /css/custom.css
  • /css/style.css
  • /css/font-awesome (new)
  • /js/custom.js
  • /lang
  • /lib/comment-form.php
  • /lib/footer_gallery.php
  • /lib/gallery_template_style_js.php
  • /lib/shortcodes.php
  • /lib/slider.php
  • /lib/social-networks.php (*)
  • /lib/social-networks-footer.php (new)
  • /lib/social-networks-menu.php (new)
  • /lib/slider/slider-posttype.php
  • /lib/theme-update-notification.php


It’s important to acknowledge a feature change in this update regarding Social Network icons.

Our buyers have been requesting the ability to include social networks in the navigation, it’s now possible.

To enable this, simply go to your “Theme Options > Social Networks” and enable “Social Networks in Menu”.

As a result, we added two new files:

  • social-networks-menu.php
  • social-networks-footer.php

The original “social-networks.php” file is still included but not actively being used.

It remains included because some buyers may not want the new social icons we’ve used (FontAwesome).

To use the old icons, we recommend you open “/footer.php” in your “/themes/kingsize” folder.

Locate the file “footer.php” and look for line #77, you will see:

Edit this line to use “/lib/social-networks.php” instead of the footer extension to it.

Save the file modifications and re-upload to your server to overwrite the original footer.php file.

Bugs & Fixes

Here are some explanations to the bugs and issues that were addressed in this update:

Issues with sidebars not being disabled when selected. RESOLVED
Comment Forms updated to comply with WordPress Comment Standards. RESOLVED
Issue with page / media height not responding properly. RESOLVED
Updated posts “Read More” option to also correspond with Language files. RESOLVED
Made ready for translation the demo contents and Post Comment button. RESOLVED
Reviewed and fixed the multiple wp_debug errors being displayed when enabled. RESOLVED
Fixed an issue with conditional tags related to blog lightbox options. RESOLVED
Included support for percentage width in JWPlayer making it responsive by width. RESOLVED
Compatibility issues with use of SSL Certificates / Secure connections. RESOLVED
Disabling the custom button in some instances was not working on slider backgrounds. RESOLVED

Newly Added Features & Changes

Font Size Theme Options

There is now the ability to control Font Sizes in your Theme Options > Styling Options.

New Social Network Icons

As explained above, we’ve replaced the old social network images with FontAwesome. We believe (by popular request) this adds more flexibility to our theme and eliminates the need for more images having to load.

We often were asked to include new social networks but due to the limitations of the icon set used, we couldn’t. With FontAwesome, we have a wider selection of Social Networks to choose from which we can now offer you.

Social Networks in Menu

An extremely popular request from our buyers has finally been answered.

With the new icons (FontAwesome) also comes the new icon placements.

In your Theme Options > Social Networks, you can enable the social icons to be shown in your navigation.

Demo Content – Sidebar & Footer

More often then not, we see a lot of questions asked about how to enable or use our sidebars and footer.

By default, our sidebar and footer come packaged with demo content already enabled in these areas.

To avoid confusion, we have removed the demo sidebar and added a “how to” message instead.

This message disappears once you’ve enabled widgets in your sidebar or have disabled the sidebar.

We have also included in the “Documentation > Patches / Extras” folder a new import option for Widgets.

To replicate what we’ve done on the demo site, open this folder and find inside it a readme.txt file for details.

Bugs Reports & Buyer Support

Are you having troubles with your installed theme?

Have you discovered what appears to be a bug or issue in your theme?

Please report them using our Buyer Support Forums!

We will always address reported bugs and issues as a priority; releasing patches as soon as possible!

Buyer support is available Monday through Friday, with a guaranteed 48hr response time or sooner.

Let us know how we can help you! We take a lot of pride in buyer support!

Installations, Setup & Developments

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We offer a 24HR turnaround on all installs and installations buyers request of us.

We charge a competitive rate of $40.00 verses places like Envato Studies ($50.00).

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