Why Register for Buyer Support?

  • August 30, 2013

We love helping our buyers succeed in their use of KingSize WordPress.

We love it even more when we see buyers having success with their use!

However, sometimes as a buyer, we have questions about various things.

Maybe you don’t understand an option?

Maybe you can’t get something to work?

Maybe, just maybe, you need advice on some “outside the box” usage?

Whatever the reason may be, we pride ourselves in helping our buyers!

We ask all our buyers to register with our Support Forums:

Go to:

If you’ve troubles registering, please read “How to Register“.

Important Tip:

Denoizzed has two templates named “KingSize”. One is WordPress, the other is HTML. When you register for the Support Forums, make sure you’ve selected “KingSize WordPress” if you’re looking for support with the WordPress template.

Please Take Note:

Support is available Monday through Friday with a generalized 48hr response time. There are days when we answer immediately and there are days when we will be a little delayed in our responses. However, we do strive to ensure you receive an answer within 48hrs of posting it.

No Weekend Support:

There is no support guaranteed on weekends or holidays.

Request for Hands on Support

There will be times when hands-on support is required. This can only be achieved AFTER you’ve registered with our support forums and have been requested to contact us privately. When being asked to contact us privately, you will be asked to link to the thread you started on the support forums. Without this confirmation, we will not offer hands-on support.

There are a few requirements we ask before hands-on support is given:

1. Confirmation of a Backup:

This is so you have the option to revert back. We cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong during the time we’ve been given login credentials. For your protection and safety, a backup confirmation is required. If you choose not to make a backup that is your choice, but we cannot be responsible for any loss.

2. FTP and WordPress Admin Login Credentials:

We require this so we can log into your website.

We will NEVER share this information outside of the KingSize WordPress team. Your information shared should NOT be your full time password. We would advise you update these to use temporary passwords and not something so easy to guess. Use something that contains characters, numbers and letters, making it harder for anyone to access if not knowing your passwords already.

Our sole purpose with this information is to quickly identify and resolve your issues when we’ve exhausted all other options via the Support Forums. If you’re unwilling, or unable to provide us with full login credentials, we may then be limited on our ability to help you further.

3. Link to Support Thread / Topic:

BEFORE any private hands-on support can be requested, we REQUIRE you opening a thread on our support forums. This verifies your purchase, but also gives opportunity to help there rather than having to spend time doing hands-on support. This can be at times consuming of our availability.

Hands on support is limited, as is any support in general.

We cannot guarantee to fix server-related issues. We can see if there is a simple solution or an alternative, but if your server restricts certain features/options than we may be limited to their limitations. At that time, we would recommend you contact your hosting provide or suggest an alternative.

Any hands-on support that exceeds 15-20 minutes effort, may include billable efforts. We will not customize your website or modify your website outside what is default, unless you’ve inquired about our development services. Please find below, an acceptable and unacceptable list of what we will offer free support for:


  • Better understanding and use of the KingSize WordPress theme.
  • Within 10-15 minutes contributed support / effort.
  • Keeps within the original “as is” design and it’s functionality.
  • Within 1-2 lines of coding and contributed effort being needed.
  • Directional use and guidance using the template.
  • To report bugs and seek out fixes for reported issues discovered.


  • Anything exceeding 10-15 minutes of contributed support.
  • Anything exceeding 1-2 lines of coding and contributed effort.
  • Modifications / Changes to existing “as is” design & functionality.
  • Developments in general that are not default / standard / as is.
  • Support for any third-party sources such as Plugins.
  • Support for resolving and/or debugging unrelated conflicts.

New Features / Suggestions

If you’ve a new feature or option to suggest / recommend, we welcome and encourage you to send us those. We have created a forum within our Support Forums called “Suggestion Box” that we’d like to ask you to use for any suggestions you may have. It will help us organize those suggestions made and keep track of the interests in it by other buyers.

If there is a suggestion already made that you’d like to also suggest, leave a comment on the thread. The more interest we see from buyers will act in favor of it being introduced in future updates.

Please note that we do not guarantee suggestions will make future updates, nor do we guarantee when they will be released. We do however encourage you to voice your suggestions and we’ll do our absolute best to see they’re added if possible.

Customizations and Modifications

If you’re interested in inquiring about customizations and modifications (developments to your theme) you can contact us privately, support [at] (replace the “[at]” with “@”). We will review your requirements and offer you further insight and estimate on effort should details provided be clear enough. If uncertain about the requests, we will write for additional information to be provided.